Siuslaw Pioneer Museum

See the history

The Siuslaw Pioneer Museum invites you to join them with memberships starting as low as $15.00 per year. Not only will you be supporting the museum, you will be kept up to date with quarterly news letters and be able to participate in events throughout the year.

The Legacy Wall seen below has names of individuals who have contributed in major ways. (Learn more about the legacy members below.)

A legacy means many things to many people, but to the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum, it means a very special place on the wall of its main lobby. The wall serves to recognize the people who have donated significant dollars to help pay down the museum’s mortgage on the very special 106 year old Florence School Building in our new location in Old Town Florence.

Many people like to connect to the past and this beautiful Gold Framed Fired Metal on Velvet Background Wall Hanging does just that. It features the Siuslaw Valley to the Sea at Sunset and makes that connection for folks when their Family Name Medallion, is placed on the Legacy Wall when they have made a donation.

As one stands before the wall it is easy imagine what it must have been like for those early settlers that came into this valley. The two three-dimensional copper sentinels, i.e., a pioneer couple with rifle and a wagon wheel standing at one edge and the copper maple tree at the other will draw you right into the scene. As one stands there contemplating the past, and you listen closely, you may even hear the medallions on the wall whispering to one another, “see, they are remembering our legacy left.”

The Siuslaw Pioneer Museum invites you to make a donation, or pledge, to the Legacy Fund Drive and become part of the history that makes this wonderful walk through the museum, on the Central Oregon Coast a reality of history for future generations to see. Contact information is available on this web site.

Del Phelps, SPM Board President