Sandy Zinn

Sandy Zinn,

Museum Interim-Curator


A Glimpse Into What Get’s Displayed


The Siuslaw Pioneer Museum has been fortunate to receive many items and artifacts for its collection. Exhibits and displays are obtained from local pioneer families, their descendants and those who donate personal local historical items. The Museum is unique in that regard. Exhibits showcase only historical items of the Siuslaw Valley and its surrounding areas. Many of the artifacts were made or used by a pioneer in their everyday life.

The museum categorizes items within its collection by subject or pioneer family. Current popular exhibits include: How They Lived and How They Made Their Living. Selected pioneer family exhibits on permanent display are those of the Knowles, Hurd, and Kyle families. When choosing to establish an exhibit, museum volunteer and interim curator Sandy Zinn follows specific criteria. She determines the number of available items in the collection as well as the available display space. Additionally, extensive research is done to determine whether the items are of educational interest and historical significance. After much consideration, only relevant items are selected for display. Exhibits remain on display throughout several museum rooms, providing a unique glimpse into the lives of the early pioneers.


The museum promotes educational, cultural and historical information of the Florence area. The museum works with elementary school teachers to provide classroom tours, (usually during January or February). Although postponed during the covid-19 pandemic, we plan to resume these visits. As part of their visits, students enjoy engaging in contests pertaining to the artifacts and exhibit displays. They are awarded prizes for their efforts.


A recently completed project included updating signage with more historical information details for the displays. Exhibit areas were redesigned to create a more educational and engaging experience for visitors.

We welcome your visit to discover and experience the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum! The museum is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 4 p.m.