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Working to understand your family history?
Want to know who the mayor was in 1906?
Looking for that old flame in the 1969 Siuslaw High School Yearbook?
Who were the pioneers?
What were the first types of businesses in the area?

We’ve got it in our research library!

If you would like to know more about when Florence was starting as a community, visit our library where you’ll find directories, phone books, yearbooks, Rhododendron Festival memorabilia, church records, magazines, newspapers, and more.

Florence Museum Library
Florence Museum Library

You’ll also find category sections on:

Family Files

Pioneers and local citizens

Subject Files

Boats, schooners and barges
Siuslaw Valley communities
Florence history
Bridges and historic buildings
Heceta Head Lighthouse
U.S. Coast Guard
Schools and yearbooks
Sawmills and fishing
Obituaries and cemeteries