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The William Kyle Research Library maintains an extensive file collection on subject matters of Florence and its surrounding areas, beginning with early pioneer history. The collection includes articles, events, photos, research and stories. These files are available for viewing on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Contact the library (541-997-7884, ext. 1) for further information. The following index is updated on a periodic basis and provides a list of files in our Subject collection.

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Acme/Cushman (Community)Cushman - Cheese Factories; Photo File
Ada (Community)
Airport Civil Air Patrol (C.A.D.); Florence Municipal, Ground Observation Corps (G.O.C.)
ArtsAstoria Clowns - see: Rhododendron Festival Events, Anchor on Bay Street, Art Galleries - See Businesses, Galleries, Community Chorus,Florence Regional Arts Alliance (FRAA), Flo Tones, Performing Arts - see: Theater
Bandon (Community)
Beach & Beach Life
Bears and Beaverssee: Wild Life - Oregon
Beck (Community)
Betzen, Railroad Siding
Birdingsee Wild Life - Oregon
Blachly (Community)General, Photo File
Boats / Ships, Barges, TugsAccidents, Boat Building, Captains, Commercial fishing, Dredges, Ferries, Mail Boat Service, Row Boats, Canoes; also view Boats, Schooners and Barges
"Bob the Beach Comber"
Booth (Community)
Brickerville (Community)
Bridges Area and Oregon Bridges, Siuslaw River Drawbridge; Covered Bridges; Also see books on bridges: Big Creek Bridge, Coastal (Ed Shiflets), Covered Bridges. Also view Feb 2024 Rotating Display also view The History of the Cushman Railroad
Buildings General, Historic, Homes, Brochures, walks
Businesses - current to post 1950's General, photo files, Advertising Historical, see also: Yearbooks in Kyle Museum Library
"C"General Subjects
Calendars (1945-1994)
Callison Building Old school building, Siuslaw Graduates
CamerasBrochure, Instruction Manuals for cameras on display in museum
Camp Groundssee Parks/Camp Grounds/Resorts
Camps - Florence & Surrounding AreaCamps Baker, Cleawox Florence, Mapleton, Siltcoos, Civilian Conservation Corps, Girl Scout
Canary (Community) see: also Fiddle Creek
Canning & Preserving
Cape Creek - Photo File
Cape Creek Tunnel, Bridge & Community
Cape Perpetua
Carnivorous Plants see: Darlingtonia, Waterways, Mercer Lake
Cattle Industries see: "Farming/Ranching/Dairy":"Ranching"
Cemetery Files Cemetery Research, Markings, Care, Pioneer Cemetry Listing
Cheese / Factory see: Acme/Cushman, Cushman Cheese Factory; also see North Fork Cheese Factory Story
China Flat / Chinese
Citizens in the News - Florence
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) see: Camps in Florence
Coast Guard see: Federal Agency":"U.S. Coast Guard
Coast Resource Management
Coast Management Plan
Coastal Zone Management
Communications - Cell, Landsee: Telephone Books - Florence
Community Emergency Response Team see: "Fire Dept":"Residential & Busiess":"2002 - 2020"
Cox Island Housesee: BUILDINGS, HISTORIC
Creeks see: Water Ways and Bodies
C.R.O.W. C.R.O.W. Children's Theater
Crabs/Clamssee: Beach & Beach Life
Cushman/Acme (Community)see: Acme/Cushman Community
Cushman Railroad HistoryFeb 2024 Rotating Display also view The History of the Cushman Railroad
"D" General Subjects
Dairies & Dairying see: Farming/Ranching/Dairies
Davidson Industriessee: Mills, Sawmills
DarlingtoniaMercer Lake Road
Deadwood (Community)
Department of Transportationsee: Lane county Oregon Gov't & U.S.:Gov't Organizations
Disasterssee: Storms
DMV 1931 Manual
Dog Team (Mail Run)
Drive-in RhododendronMiller Park location
Duncan Island (Waite Island)
Dunes City/Westlake Community file 1 & 2
Dunes see: Beach & Beach Life: Sand Dunes Restorative Project
"E" General Subjects
Earthquake Tsunami - 1965
EquestrianAll Horse Events
Estuary(1974 recommendations) see: "Waterways":"Estuaries"
"F" GeneralGeneral Subjects
Fair Local
Fair - Western Lane County FairsStarting 1929; also see Story Time (2020) Video on 1922 Fair
Farming / Ranching / DairyCheese Factory - see: Acme/Cushman, Cushman - Cheese Factory; Libby Dairy, Diary Creamery, Milk Separator Machine, Mushrooms, Wasabi Growers, Cattle Industry
Federal AgenciesBureau of Land Management, Department of Forestry, U.S. Forest Service - Managing a Forest Story, Indian Creek Watershed, Siuslaw National Forest, U.S. Coast Guard
Ferries - Riversee: Boats, also view Boats, Schooners and Barges
Fiddle Creek (Community)see also: Canary (Community)
Fire Department (Rural)Employees, Equipment, New Fire Station, Drills, Controlled Burns, Fire Lookouts, Fires 1800's, Forest Fires, Residential & Business Info and Fires; Western Lane Ambulance District
FishingCommercial, Hatcheries, Salmon, Salmon Trout Enhancement Program, State & Federal Fish & Game Department
Flora & Faunasee: Lane County
Florence Firsts List
Florence City Government City Budget Commission, Charter, Council, Water Department, Planning & Building Commission, Police Department, Public Works, see also Lane County,
Florence Chamber of CommerceBrochures, Siuslaw Boosters Club, Sister City, Athletic Club
Florence Events Centersee: "Theaters"
Florence History Multiple files including brochures, population, voting, photos, events, early name origins, 1910 Fire
Florence Municipal Airportsee: "Airports"
Florence Post Officesee: Post Office
Forest Rangers see: "Federal Agencies"
"G" General subjects
Game Licenses & Information
Gardiner (Community)
Genealogysee: Archival Information
Geologysee: Lane County Government, Planning
Geology & Maps see: Lane County Govnment, Planning
Glenada (Community)Photo File, Highways & Roads, Proposed Community Center 1936
Glenada Speedway Jaycee Racers 1950's - 1960's
GrangesAda, Canary, Glenada, Main River/Cushman, Maple Creek, Mapleton, Minerva, North Fork
Hair Jewelry
Hans Petersen Memorial Field see: Buildings
Haunted see: Lighthouses and Heceta Head Lighthouse
Head Startsee: Schools, Siuslaw"
Heceta Head1880-1950, Coastal Conference, Devils Churn, Devil's Elbow
Heceta Head Directorysee: Telephone Books
Heceta Head & Needles Eye
Heceta Head Lighthousesee: Lighthouses
Herbicidessee: Forestlands, Lumber:Mills
Heritage Players (aka John Quay Players)see: Museums, Siuslaw Pioneer Museum
Herman Peak
Highways & Roads Accidents, Florence Street Name Changes, Landslides, Mapleton, Cushman, North Fork, Roosevelt Highway, Route F, Stagecoach Road, Tunnel
Honeyman Park see: Parks:, Campgrounds
HospitalsHospice, Peace Health Hospital, Harbor Hospital, Western Lane Hospital
Housing - Florencesee: Florence City Gov't, Planning, Housing Developments
Humane Societysee: Organizations, Community
Hunting - Photo File
"I" General Subjects
Ice Cream Parlorssee: Businesses post 1950's
IOOF Mapletonsee: Organizations, Fraternal
IOOF - Florencesee: Organizations, Fraternal
Indians (American)Articles, Museum Artifacts, Photos, Basketry, Books, Casinos, Construction, News Articles, Foundation and Community Suport, Public Against Casinos, Coos, Lower Umpqua, Siuslaw Confederated Tribes, Descendants, Indian Dan, Milliken Collection
Invasive Species in Oregonsee: Waterways, Mercer Lake, Darlingtonia
Indian Creek (Community)
"J"General Subjects
Japanese - Oregon
Jetties, North and South Abbreviated History of Siuslaw Jetty, Construction of Jetty
Joshua's Mermaid
"K"General Subjects
"L"General Subjects
Lakessee: Water Ways & Bodies of Water
Land SettlementsAbstracts of title
Lane Community Collegesee Schools Lane County
Lane County & U.S. Gov't OrganizationsElections, F.E.M.A., Land Management, Geology & Maps
Libraries Siuslaw Public Library, Mapleton Public Library
LighthousesConstruction of Coastal Lighthouses, Bandon, Cape Arago, Cape Meares, Coquille River, Heceta Head, Port Orford, Umpqua, Yaquina Bay
Lakessee: Water Ways, Bodies of Water
Lookout Stations - Oregon
"M"General Subjects
MapletonPhoto file, Mapleton Public Library, Swimming Pool, see Schools, Mapleton
MapsCoastal, Lane County
Marine Lifesee: Beach & Beach Life
Mill WorkOriginal Newspaper Articles
Mill Work BinderRegistered Log Brands
Mills: Early Siuslaw Logging, Logging, Lumber, Shingle Sawmills of Florence , Dictionary of Logging Terms, Photo File, Replica Sawmill on Display; See also: Shingle Mills
Minerva (Community)
Mining & Gold
Motor Cycles Races - 1930's
Mushroomssee: Farming/Ranching/Dairy, Farming
MuseumsBrochures, Doll Museum, Oregon Coast Military Heritage Museum, Heritage Museum, Oregon Trail Museum; See Siuslaw Pioneer Museum
Musical Instruments
Mysteries Unsolved (Including Treasures)
"N"General Subjects
Names of Placessee: Florence History
National Oregon Dunes Seashoresee: Beach & Beach Life
NewspapersThe ARCH, Florence Newspaper History, A Chat With A Former Newspaper Editor
Nobody's Magazine - September 1908
North Fork (Community)
Noti (Community)
"O"General Subjects
Old Man Siuslaw
Oral History Project see: Index,
Stories and Story Time Presentations
Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Oregon Department of Transportationsee: Lane County Oregon Gov't & U.S. Gov't Organizations
Oregon Fish & Game Departmentsee: "Fishing"
Oregon HistoryBooklets, Buildings, Historical Quarterly Magazine, Trails, Lore & Health
Oregon Invasive Speciessee: Darlingtonia
Oregon Parks & Recreation Departmentsee: Parks / Camp Grounds / Resorts
Organizationssee Organizations
"P" General subjects
Parks / Camp Grounds / ResortsGeneral Information, Florence Park Commission, Oregon Parks & Recreation Department, Oregon Statewide Outdoor Recreational Resource/Facility
Poetry - FlorenceHurd, Margie Knolls Collection, Joaquin Miller
Police Dept. and Jailsee: Florence City Government
Port of SiuslawGeneral, Port Commissioners
Postcards - also see the "postcard binders"General
Post OfficeOrigin of Post Office Names, Locations
Point Terrace (Community)
QGeneral Subjects
Quilts & QuiltingGeneral Subjects, Books
"R" General Subjects
Railroads - GeneralGeneral Subjects; also view The Early Railroad and The History of the Cushman Railroad
Rainrock Community
Rainbow Ballroom
Real Estate Officessee Businesses
Resortssee: Parks/Camp Grounds/Resorts
Retirement Facilitiessee: Businesses, Retirement Residences and Care Facilities
Reedsport (Community)
Rhododendron Festival EventsAstoria Clowns, carnival, clam chower, Budweiser Clydesdales, Grants Pass Cavemen, Junior and Senior Courts, Grand Marshalls, Themes, see also 1952 Rhody Princess and Her Prince Story
Rockportsee: Tiernan Community
Roosevelt Hwy 101see: Highways & Roads
Rivers see: Water Ways/Bodies of Water
SGeneral file subjects
Salmonsee: Fishing
Sand Dunessee: Beach & Beach Life:"Dunes Studies & Informtion, Sand Dunes Restoration Project
Sand Dune Sally - 1959Lane County Schools
Schoolssee General (includes early schools), files by year
Sea Lion Caves
Seaton (Community)
Sewing Machine Collection
Shipssee: Boats; also view Boats, Schooners and Barges
Sister City - Ijera, Japansee: Florence City: Chamber of Commerce
Shoreline Coastal Mgmt. see: Waterways: Estuaries
Siltcoos Station RetreatLearning Center (Lane Community Center)
Siltcoos Lakesee: Waterways: Lakes, Siltcoos
Siuslaw Boom Company (Siboco)see: Mills:, Sawmills
Siuslaw Outreach Services (SOS)see: - Organizations, Community
Siuslaw National Forestsee: Department of Forestry
Siuslaw Newspapersee: Newspapers and A Chat With A Former Newspaper Editor
Siuslaw Pioneer Associationsee: Museums, Suislaw Pioneer Museum
Siuslaw Pioneer MuseumHeritage Players (aka John Quay Players), also view A Day in the Life of a Museum Docent and Curating an Exhibit
Siuslaw Port & Riversee:: Port of Siuslaw or Water Ways: Rivers
Siuslaw Public Librarysee: Libraries, Siuslaw Public
Siuslaw Soil & Water Districtsee: Department of Forestry
Siuslaw Valley Fire & Rescuesee: Fire Dept., Residential - Business, WLFCA
Siuslaw Water Shed Councilsee: Federal Agencies, Department of Forestry
Skateboard Parkssee: Parks/Campgrounds, Miller Park
Smith River, OregonMemories
Snowy Plover Controversysee: Wildlife, Birds
Soap Making
Sports - Adult events
Spruce Point Cape
Stage LinesBangs & Barretts, also see: Transportation; Early Travel By Stage
Stagecoach Rd & Territorial Hwy
Stagecoach booksbook notes (Dale Pretzer), see: Transportation
Stamp Collections
Stereo Scopes
Stormssee: Weather
Sutton Creeksee: Water Ways/Bodies, Creeks
Sutton Lakesee: Water Ways/Bodies, Lakes
Swisshome (Community)
S.T.E.Psee: Salmon
"T" General
Takenitch LakeGeneral Subjects, also see Waterways, Lakes
Telephone Books - Florence
Televisionsee: Business, Western Lane Translator
Tenmile Creeksee: Water Ways/Bodies, Creeks
TheaterGeneral, see also Arts
Tiernan (Community)
Time Capsule
Transportation, (O.D.O.T.)see: Lane County, OR., Dept of Transportation
Transportation - GeneralAutomobiles, Bicycles, Bus, Cruise ships (1900's), Eugene to Bandon, Railroads, Stage, Trains, also view The History of the Cushman Railroad, and Early Travel By Stage
Trash Disposal see: Florence City, Private Utilities
Truffle Industrysee: Farming/Ranching/Dairy, see also: Businesses
Tsunamisee: Weather
"U" General Subjects, U.S. Dept of Agriculture, Forest Service, see: Federal Agencies
"V" General Subjects
Veneta (Community)
Veteran's & War ActivitiesVeteran's Remembered - newspapers, Area Veterans, Civil War, Ground Observers, National Guard, Veterans Moving Wall, Vine Maple Savages
Vine Maple Savages
WGeneral Subjects
Waite Islandsee: Duncan Island
Walton (Community)
Wasabi Growerssee: Farming/Ranching/Dairy, Farming
Water Towersee: Florence City, Government, Public Works Dept.
Water Ways/Bodies Of WaterMisc.
WeatherGeneral, Earthquakes, Florence Annual Rainfall, Extreme Weather & Flooding, Slides, Tsunami, Tides, El Nino slides - see: Highways & Roads, Landslides Coastal, Tsunami
Slides - see: "Highways & Roads": "Landslides Coastal"
Tides, El Nino, etc.
Tsunami (2 files)
Weaving Loom
Western Lane Ambulance District (W.L.A.D. & E.M.S.) - see: "Fire Dept.": Residential & Business"
Western Lane Community Foundationsee:Organizations/Community
Western Lane Taxpayers Assn.see: "Business Post 1950's"
Western Lane Translator - Original Television Service- see: "Businesses post 1950's to current"Original Television Service- see: Businesses post 1950's to current
Westlake (Community)see also: Dunes City
Wetlandssee: Federal Agency, Department of Forestry
Whales / SquidSquid, Whales, Whales - beached, explosions, Whale Watching
Wildlife - OregonBats, Bears, Birding, Maps: Mapleton Forestry Dept and Bald Eagle Nesting Sights; Also see: Snowy Plover controversy, Cougar, Deer, Elk, Moose, Tanning Hides, Trapping, Hunting, Turtles
Wineriessee: "Business" "Wineries"
Winter Folk Festivalsee: Theater, Florence Events Center
Woahink Lakesee: Waterways: Lakes, Woahink
"YZ" General
Yachats (Community)