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” . . . a discarded newspaper describing homestead land in Oregon was enough to lure her to embark on a 2,000 mile journey from El Reno, Oklahoma. Mattie’s husband had deserted her and their family of 5 children. Their only possessions were a team of work horses, a wagon, shotgun, bedding and a few cooking utensils. With $10, they set out for Oregon in April, of 1911.”


The Oral History Project began as an idea to compile a history of Florence and the Siuslaw Valley. The project includes videos of Story Time presentations and Oral History interviews with audio, stories and transcripts.

Story Time

In 1976 the Siuslaw Pioneer Museum hosted a monthly program of oral presentations fondly referred to as Story Time. Residents spoke on occupation, events, or personal experiences of Florence history. The program is currently on hiatus, however previously recorded presentations are available for viewing in the library.

Oral History Interviews

Though on hiatus for a number of years, the Oral History interviews resumed in late 2021. Interview audio, stories and transcripts are available in the library. View the Oral History Stories page for more details.

The museum’s on-site Kyle Research Library is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Contact the library (541-997-7884, ext. 1) for further information or to make an appointment. The following index provides a list of our Oral History database and is updated on a continuing basis.

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AKERLY, LesTranscript1976
BARRETT, Anna ParkerTranscript1976
BERNHARDT, Ralph and JuanitaTranscript1975
BUGBEE, TedTranscript1975
BUNCH, DarrelAudio, Story, Transcript2023
BUSS, FredTranscript1975
CAMP, CharlieTranscript1975
CHRISTENSEN, MarieAudio, Transcript1976
CHRISTENSEN, MartinAudio, Transcript1976
COLE, JamesTranscript1975
COLEMAN, MattieStory2022
DAHLIN, VerusTranscript1976
DAVID, RayTranscript1976
DICK, BelleTranscript1975
DICKSON, Alice CarleTranscript1977
DOWELL, RoderickTranscript1976
DOYLE, JoeStory2023
ELLINGSON, Joe and PearlTranscript1976
ELLINGSON, LyndallTranscript1976
ESTEP, Ron and BeverlyAudio, Story, Transcript2021
FRANCISCO, ForestTranscript1975
FUNKE, ErnieTranscript1975
Gardiner, MaxineTranscript
HARING, AmosStory2022
HARING, ClaraStory
HARING, GladysTranscript1975
HERRING, KeithAudio, Transcript, Story2022
HOGELAND, RonAudio, Story, Transcript2022
HUNTINGTON, Noland "Judd"Transcript1976
HUNTINGTON, WaltTranscript1976
JENSEN, LorenceTranscript1976
JOHNSON, ElsieTranscript1977
JOHNSON, Milo and CoraTranscript1976
JOHNSON, WayneTranscript
KARNOWSKY, BillTranscript1976
KOPANG, Lily FosbackTranscript1975
KYLE, EmmaTranscript1975
KYLE, MelTranscript1977
LANDWEHR, EleanorTranscript1976
LANE, Squire and LillianTranscript1976
MARTIN, Ethel MillerTranscript1976
MARTIN, MillardTranscript1976
MARTIN, RayTranscript1976
MARTIN, CarlTranscript
MASON, IngaTranscript1976
MCCORKLE, RogerAudio, Story, Transcript2023
MCCOURT, Joy (Jacquelyn)Audio, Story2023
MCKENNEY, BurnisTranscript1977
MEADOWS, Leo and LauraTranscript1977
MERZ, ShirleyAudio, Story, Transcript2022
MILES, DanTranscript1975
MILLER, Laura JohnsonTranscript1975
MYRICK, ChuckAudio, Story, Transcript2022
NORDAHL, TrygueTranscript1975
PLAEP, George and OlgaTranscript1976
SAUBERT, John F. William, Dr.Story2021
SAUBERT, SteveAudio, Story, Transcript2021
SCOTT, LilahTranscript1975
SERRA, RobertAudio, Story, Transcript2023
SEVERY, MargeTranscript1975
SEVERY, WaltTranscript1976
SHIRLEY, Ben and LulaTranscript1976
SLONECKER, BudTranscript1976
SNEDDON, TomAudio, Story, Transcript2021
STAFFORD, KimAudio, Story, Transcript1976
SWEET, BlaiseTranscript
SWEET, ZaraTranscript
TATOM, AlmaStory,Transcript
TATOM, Ed Story1976
TAYLOR, LoisTranscript
TOMPKINS, Neil and D.Transcript
ULMAN, Richard Dr. and ArlisAudio, Story, Transcript2021
VAN BIBBER, GoldieStory2021
VANDERBERG, Warren and EllaTranscript1976
WANGERIN, MarcAudio, Story, Transcript
WHEELER, Lillian SanbornTranscript1976
WILLIAMS, BeatriceTranscript1975
WOOSLEY, MargaretTranscript1976
WORNSTAFF, Joyce and Willie1952 Rhody Princess and Her Prince Story2024