The Siuslaw Pioneer Museum began hosting a monthly program of oral presentations fondly referred to as Story Time. Residents spoke on a variety of topics such as occupation, event, or personal experience of significant interest regarding Florence history. The program is currently on hiatus, however past presentations were recorded and are available for viewing. Visit the William Kyle Research Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to view these remarkable events. Contact the library (541-997-7884, ext. 1) for more information.

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Baker, Dr. John Camp AdairApril, 2012
Barns, JohnWashburn State ParkMay, 2010
Bay Street RenaissanceApril, 2019
Beers , Richard & RobertIndian CreekJune, 2007
Beers, Jesse, Doug Barrett & Jill BarrettSiuslaw TribeFebruary, 2012
Beers, Jesse, Doug Barrett, Jill BarrettFebruary, 2012
Beers, Jesse, Doug Barrett, Jill Barrett Part 2February, 2012
Bergman, JohnThe Tacoma
Campbell, LouisAn Introduction to Florence History
Caputo, RonTrout & Salmon of the SiuslawJune, 2010
Clawson, Gary, Carol & AmyTales from Fisherman's WharfApril, 2013
Cole, BrianBJ's ice CreamApril, 2007
Colling, ChrisSeptember, 2008
Davidson, Don LeeJuly, 2015
Devine, Delos Major Coast Range FiresOctober, 2010
Dresnik, Eileen June, 2006
Eaton, Maria The Thorpes, & others on the SiuslawMarch, 2011
Ellingson, Ivan & Joe With Marti Ellingson MartinFebruary, 2008
Fleagle, JudyCrossingsMay, 2011
Fleagle, JudyUnexpected2019
Foraker, Bill Florence Airport & WWIIFebruary, 2009
Fossek, WaltApril, 2008
Freeman, Mark Port of SiuslawJuly, 2010
Friedman, BobShipping logs and lumber from Oregon Coast2019
Goehler, VivaDecember, 2009
Hanson, MerleInterview by Larry Bacon
Hawes, Denis AustraliaMarch, 2009
Heritage PlayersJune, 2008
Heritage PlayersOctober, 2008
Heritage PlayersSeptember, 2011
Hogeland, RonAugust, 2008
Hoornbeek, BilleeMiddle and Upper SiuslawApril, 2006
Indian Creek SettlementJune, 2007
Jackson, BobJune, 2011
Jackson, Bob & Dick SmithHonor FlightsJuly, 2013
Jensen, FredOctober, 2007
Jensen, FredFamily HistoryNovember, 2007
Jensen, FredLiving on the SiuslawOctober, 2011
Jensen, Fred Interviewed by Del PhelpsJune, 2012
Johnson Family HistoryApril, 2010
Knutson, ElvinCape PerpetuaMay, 2010
LoggingJuly, 2011
Mann, RonDecember, 2009
Mason, Carl and Virginia 2019
Melba J. Arrives in FlorenceApril, 2006
Mittge, Kevin K.Glenada CemeteryMarch, 2012
Moore, Elsie MilesAugust, 2006
Nordahl, CarolynApril, 2014
Nordahl, TrygveTryg & the RiverApril, 2000
Nordahl, Trygve Route FMay, 1997
Palmer, Lloyd March, 2008
Parsons, Darryl Forest firesSeptember, 2010
Phelps, Del Family historyJuly, 2013
PurcelliLCC Siltcoos StationMay, 2010
Rhododendron Parade2007 Campbell ProductionsMay, 2008
Richardson, BobDecember, 2009
Richardson, BobDubaiApril, 2014
Siuslaw Pioneer MuseumLift dedication, Harbor Painting, Covered BridgeJuly, 2009
Smith, DickGeorge DuncanMarch, 2013
Sneddon Family HistoryMarch, 2013
Stoltzfus, RickMarch, 2007
Ternyik, WilburDecember, 2009
Ternyik, Wilbur& JoyceSeptember, 2012
Transcribed Interviews - 1975 - 2005
Vanderburg, Ella HaringAlso Kemnow, LaVaughn VanderburgMay, 2008
Vanderburg, LaVaughn KemnowJuly, 2008
Vanderburg, LaVaughn KemnowMay, 2012
Wampler, LarryWestlake Girl2019
Wells, DukeFlorence 50s & 60sFebruary, 2011
Western Lane County Fair2019
Woosley, Lonnie North ForkDecember, 2009
Worthylake, Ellis July, 2011
Wright, BoomerApril, 2011